Our Factory

Our production facility plays a vital role in our quality and sustainability.

We have two production plants

Yucca defibering unit

Defibering Unit – we separate fine quality fibers from the high-Quality coconut husk of Kerala.

We produce and distribute the raw materials for coir production.
Uses environment-friendly and modern technology.
Each Stage is supervised with French technical expertise.

Yucca Agro Tech

Yucca Agro tech produces Coco Peat Blocks, a product from the best coconut of Kerala, the Kuttiyadi variety.

At Fiber Family, Coco Peat Manufacturing is an eight-stage process with strict quality checking.

Quality guaranteed product for the international market
The secret of the fertility of soil reaches the farmer through this bioproduct.

Yucca uses the neutral medium for manufacturing coco peat substrates and products, without processing or addition of chemicals, easily recyclable composed solely of material that has undergone no chemical treatment.

The Expression “God’s own Country”, a term used to qualify Kerala underlines the best quality coconuts of the world available here.

The word Kerala derived out of that “Keram’ plus “Alam” is Keralam. Keram means coconut and Alam mean Space.


    To be part of the making of an agriculture Community.

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